Forestry and Professionals

Private Lands Forestry Referral Service:

1.) Private landowners who contact the 

Iron Baraga Conservation District with

forestry related questions or visit the website, will be able to receive a referral to a forester free of charge. The landowner will fill out a forestry referral form (number acres, forest type, what kind of forestry assistance they are interested in). This form is available in our office and to anyone who visits the website.

2.) The Landowner submits the request to the Iron Baraga Conservation District.

3.)  The District will then email the request directly to the consulting  foresters who have expressed an interest in being on our referral list.  We will also keep a listing of the referral requests on this tab.  (Referrals will be open a standard 2 weeks long unless otherwise  requested by the landowner).

4.) Resource professionals will express their interest in a particular job to the Conservation District.

5.) We will forward all responses to the landowner. The landowner will decide which resource professional to work with.

6.) There will be follow-up with each landowner to be sure they have received the assistance they need.

7.)  The FAP forester will then request information from the landowner or  Forester (after landowners approval) for financial information to be added to a database. (The information will not be linked to any names or  specific location, the information will be aggregated to the county  level for reporting on success of this program.


Referral #31-18-14

Date: July 5th, 2018

Location: Houghton County T52NR34W

A forest plan is requested for this 65 acres, that is a primary residence with multiple small acreages of hardwood, aspen, and spruce and balsam. There is an apple orchard and openings. The landowner is looking to do what is best for the property. Please respond by July 19th, 2018.


Iron Baraga Conservation District FAP Forester

Hello, I am Linda Lindberg. I am originally from Gaastra in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and I still live there now. I am retired, after working for 20 years with the DNR as a field forester. I was also on the Short Team for fire management as a Resource Unit Leader. My first forestry job was with the Forest Service and I accumulated 10 years of service working there. I am a long-time member of the Society of American Foresters. My goal as a FAP Forester is to work with forest owners in Iron and Baraga counties, by walking their land and finding out what goals and dreams they have for that land and give my input, working to manage that land for the present and future. It is my honor to be able to walk with, encourage and show landowners how to apply good forest management to their property. I want to work  on making their land the best it can be. I feel very grateful and blessed to live in such a beautiful place. If you are interested in feedback on managing your property or in a FREE site visit, please contact me at the office at #906-875-3765 or on my cell phone #906-235-5831.